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Founded by Jessica Bierman in May 2020, JBIER Inc., parent of JBIER Boutique and the JBIER Fashion Internship Program, is a rapidly expanding start-up based in New York. JBIER Inc.’s slogan, “We Are All Angels,” is the foundation of the company's mission to provide an inclusive platform to express diversity and equality through fashion. JBIER Inc. seeks to empower women and men around the world, while bringing disruptive change to the fashion industry.

JBIER Inc. envisions a future where the worlds of fashion, e-commerce, and career development converge. Drawing upon Bierman’s extensive business and entrepreneurial background, as well as a decade of experience in the fashion industry, her mission is to bridge the gap between these spheres and create opportunities for growth and success. JBIER Inc.’s overarching goal is to revolutionize the way people engage with fashion and e-commerce, while providing a platform for career development and advancement. Ultimately, JBIER Inc. aims to be a catalyst for change, driving innovation, and inspiring the next generation of fashion industry leaders

In March 2015, following her passion for e-commerce, resale, and sustainability in fashion, Bierman began her journey as a small business owner on Poshmark, JBIER. What started as a small business venture on the Poshmark platform rapidly evolved into an e-commerce marketplace, JBIER Boutique sells and resells fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle consumer goods. Through brand partnerships, strategic sourcing, and original creative illustrations, JBIER Boutique contains an assortment of women's and men's fashion, in-house-made merchandise, and unique resale finds. The JBIER Boutique website houses 20 carefully curated collections with eight digital lookbooks designed to fit the style needs of each consumer best. 

JBIER Inc.’s strategy for success is simple: “invest in our people, ensure the highest quality products, stay on top of industry trends, and provide top-of-the-line service." Our mission is to keep sustainability at the forefront of our business operations, and we take pride in fueling the intersection between traditional e-commerce and the virtual resale landscape.” With Bierman at the forefront, JBIER Inc. believes sustainable fashion is a crucial step towards an environmentally friendly future. The business actively mitigates its ecological footprint in efforts to reduce landfill waste attributed to fashion through the continued expansion of our e-commerce resale marketplace. 

Throughout the development of JBIER Boutique and the JBIER Fashion Internship Program, Bierman and her team collaborated to expand the e-commerce platforms by setting goals, engaging with shoppers, and expanding the JBIER network. Since the launch of JBIER Boutique in May 2020, the JBIER following on Poshmark saw an increase from 41K to 94K community members with 350+ five-star reviews. Based on analytics, JBIER is slated to reach 100K followers by EOY 2023. 

Bridging the gap between fashion, e-commerce, and career development, the JBIER Fashion Internship Program is an immersive learning experience created to support the personal, professional, and educational growth of college students and recent graduates within a remote startup setting. With seven tracks and fifteen focus areas, internship positions are carefully curated to align with their experience, skill sets, interests, and areas of study. The JBIER Fashion Internship Program’s mission is to invest in career development by providing accelerated expertise and resources necessary to kickstart professional careers in the fashion, beauty, and retail industries and opportunities to network and secure full-time positions after graduating from the program. Bierman has turned her one-woman operation into a 30-person global team. She has successfully aided JBIER graduates in securing roles with esteemed companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Valentino, and LoveShackFancy, as well as the TJX Companies Inc. Merchandising Internship Program.

Founder and CEO of JBIER Inc., e-commerce business owner, and Career Management Advisor, Jessica Bierman continues to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, which have kept her in the industries of fashion, beauty, and retail for over 10 years. Bierman graduated in 2014 from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She has a robust global network while working alongside esteemed companies, such as The Esteé Lauder Companies, Macy’s Inc., Rodan + Fields Skincare, and Adrienne Landau. 

In March 2015, Bierman’s passion and appreciation for e-commerce, resale, and sustainability, inspired her to begin her journey as a small business owner of JBIER on Poshmark, a leading e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand merchandise. Through the growth of her resale business, Bierman gained valuable experience, both hands-on and virtually, with sales, business management, customer service, merchandising, photography, packaging, events, marketing, and social media. Following the significant shift in shopping behavior due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Bierman saw this as the perfect opportunity to take her online small business to the next level. That said, Bierman founded her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle startup, JBIER Boutique, in May 2020, officially launched the e-commerce platform JBIER Boutique,, in January 2021, and incorporated the business, JBIER Inc., in April 2021.

As Founder and CEO of JBIER Inc., JBIER Boutique, and the JBIER Fashion Internship Program, Bierman’s vision and mission is to bridge the gap between fashion, e-commerce, and career development by providing accelerated expertise and resources essential for young entrepreneurs to ignite their careers in fashion. Bierman established the JBIER Fashion Internship Program as an immersive learning experience to support the personal, professional, and educational growth of college students in a virtual setting. Through the continued success of the program over the past three years, JBIER graduates secured full-time positions with renowned companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, LoveShackFancy, and the TJX Companies Inc. Merchandising Program. 


Alongside her e-commerce business ownership, Bierman serves as a Career Management Advisor, specializing in resume building, interviewing, self-branding, LinkedIn optimization, and networking for business. Expanding her offerings, Bierman will be introducing Career Acceleration Program (CAP) Workshops, beginning with our flagship Interview 101 module, offering mock interviews with tailored coaching sessions focused on professional presentation and etiquette, role-specific questions, as well as interview do's and don'ts. 


As the company, boutique, and program continue to rapidly grow with exciting new ventures, Bierman and the JBIER team are excited to see what the future holds!

about the founder


Rachel Glaser

Rachel leads by example and sets the bar high for her peers! She is always willing to work hard and do whatever it takes on a project to make sure it looks perfect!! 




Founder and CEO

"I love having the opportunity to wake up every day and work alongside our amazing team! Through hands-on leadership and collaborative efforts, we have seen an immense amount of growth."

Rachel Glaser_edited.jpg


Fashion Merchandising and Product Management Intern, Team Lead

"Working at JBIER has been a really positive experience so far. The JBIER team has been very friendly and Jess is super approachable and always open to new ideas. I feel like the opportunities, to collaborate with interns all around the country and to learn the ins and outs of an e-commerce business, have definitely given me great hands-on experience, in the world of fashion merchandising."

Headshot - Evan McMullen - Evan McMullen_edited.jpg


Web Design, Photography, and Videography Intern, Team Lead

"It has been a couple days since I have joined the JBIER team. Everyone on the JBIER team has been incredibly kind and always willing to help. In just a few days, I have learned how projects are carried out, the functions of the creative platforms JBIER uses and how they aid in promoting the overall aesthetic and branding of the company, and even future goals of various projects and the company itself. I aim to utilize my creative knowledge and skills for all projects, collaborate and gain new inspiration from other team members, and become more informed of the fashion industry. I am eager to not only take on tasks of my interest, but also, continue to better myself as an artist."

IMG_0381 - Teresa Sweeney_edited.jpg


Social Media Marketing Intern

"I love being a part of a team where everyone works together and is dedicated to the success of the business. JBIER Inc has an inclusive atmosphere filled with supportive, passionate, and talented workers. You can tell the people working at JBIER Inc. enjoy what they do and are always willing to collaborate with and help coworkers. As a new intern, I'm looking forward to learning about social media marketing and the professional organization of the business."

0F67F1F0-C5F1-47FE-8DF3-F28D2F2397F4 - Kylie Chow_edited.jpg


Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Intern

"As a new member, I am excited to be working with the JBIER team and learning about the HR and TA roles."

Julia Headshot


Project Management Intern and Assistant to Founder

"Working at JBIER thus far has been a pleasure, as everyone I have met is eager and willing to help. Upon meeting the JBIER team, I knew immediately that it was an environment where and learning and growing was not only encouraged, but developed."

Alexa Mae Abundo_52A7965 - Alexa Mae Abundo_edited.jpg


Fashion Merchandising and Product Management Intern

"I am thrilled to share that my experience with JBIER thus far has been exceptional! Everyone on the team has been friendly, supportive, and team players. As a new member, I am ecstatic to be a part of an ever-growing environment with like-minded individuals. I look forward in working as my role as Fashion Merchandising and Product Management Intern."


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