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Hello and welcome to JBIER Inc. 

Bridging the gap between fashion, e-commerce and career development, the JBIER Fashion Internship Program is an immersive learning experience created to support the personal, professional, and educational growth of college students and recent graduates within a remote startup setting. With eight tracks and sixteen areas of focus, internship positions are carefully curated to align with their experience, skill sets, interests, and areas of study. Bierman’s mission is to invest in career development by providing accelerated experience and resources necessary to kickstart professional careers in the fashion, beauty, and retail industries, as well as opportunities to network and secure full-time positions after graduating from the program. Bierman has turned her one-woman operation into a 30-person global team, successfully aiding JBIER graduates in securing roles with esteemed companies, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Valentino, and LoveShackFancy, as well as the TJX Companies Inc. Merchandising Internship Program.


Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24

Remote • New York City / New York, NY, US • Posted 5/1/24


  • Highly-collaborative team. 

  • One-on-one career management mentorship. 

  • Connect and network with fashion and beauty industry professionals. 

  • Accelerated experience in the fashion, beauty, and retail industries. 

  • Learn a collaborative approach to solving business problems in a fast-paced start-up environment. 

  • Develop an understanding of e-commerce platforms, business models, and target consumers. 

  • Collaborate with diverse team members globally to grow e-commerce platforms.

  • Opportunity to make an impact! Empowered to take risks, seek creative alternatives, challenge ideas, and solve complex problems.

Internship / Co-Op Structure


  • Standard Internship Duration: 18 hours per week for five months 

  • Co-Op Duration: 32-40 hours per week for six months

  • Location: Remote, based in New York (Hybrid optional)

  • Communication: Bi-weekly virtual team meetings and daily breakout rooms are held via Zoom

  • Compensation: Unpaid (college credit required)


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Environment and Flexible Schedule

“This internship has impacted me professionally by helping me gain experience with working remotely and learning how to successfully interact virtually, with fellow interns and customers from

all over the country.”

“I love the flexibility of this internship program. As a full time student being able to schedule your own hours and work Monday through Sunday 8am to 9pm is amazing!! It has allowed me to grow into an effective part time employee while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.”


Curated Cross-Functional Roles and Responsibilities

“ JBIER has helped me develop soft skills and understand my strengths. With the start-up environment, interns are allowed to work on a variety of tasks they are interested in allowing us to develop new work-based skills.”

“I have been able to learn more aspects of a retail business, versus my prior in-person internship, because I was previously mainly doing social media marketing tasks versus the wide array of tasks concerning fashion merchandising, product management, sales, customer service, finance, and business development.”



“I had a prior in person internship experience which did not feel as fulfilling as the virtual experience I have had thus far at JBIER Inc. In retrospect it is a bit ironic because I have always felt better suited for learning in a face to face environment- but what I learned is that team dynamics and leadership are really what make a work environment productive. In other words, my prior internship experience unfortunately felt very rigid and thereby it was hard to ask any questions. I also was not able to really learn much or apply my skills because my main task was to move, pack and unpack boxes. So far, at JBIER- although I have not actually seen the product or process in person, I feel as though my understanding of how an e-commerce business is ran has improved greatly.”


Leadership, Teamwork and Verbal
Communication Skills

“My experience at JBIER helped me gain leadership skills and improve my collaboration skills as I worked with my team on many projects and learned a lot of new skills.”

“As an intern for JBIER, I have gotten to practice more professional communication and work with a team of like-minded individuals.”



“When training new interns as a team lead, it is important to clearly explain daily tasks and ensure that the information is understood.”


Collaborative Culture and Teamwork/Team Dynamics

““My experience at JBIER is unique because not only I got to work closely with Jessica, who is the Founder and CEO of the company, but I also worked with other interns with different experiences and backgrounds. I learned a lot from everyone and got to see all the aspects necessary to managing an e-commerce business.”

“I love how this internship is a mix between collaboration and individual work. You get to share your own ideas on how the company can grow. I get to talk to Jessica with any questions or ideas if I am working with her.”


Empowerment, Creative Freedom, and Opportunity to Make an Impact

“Being able to work for a startup has been extremely rewarding as your work does not go unnoticed like it might in a big company.”

"Truthfully, I have gained more knowledge and experience through trial and error. I believe it is important for one to make a mistake in order to grow and confront more substantial projects."


Adaptability and Versatility

“This internship experience so far has tremendously helped me become more versatile in my critical thinking process that would allow me to thrive in a fast-paced

dynamic environment.”

“I have become more adaptive as this is a

fast-paced environment.”


 Written Communication Skills 

“I gained experience in drafting professional emails and responses to customers or sellers."


Real World Experience

"This internship is helping me for my career after I graduate in May. I'm getting real world experience and gaining leadership, creativity, and organizational skills. Which is preparing me for my future job when I graduate."

"I have further expanded my organizational and time management skills, as well as being able to express myself creatively, as Jess is always open to new ideas!"

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