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Packing for Vacation With JBIER

While planning summer vacations are exciting, it can be difficult when deciding what to pack. Whether you're relaxing at the beach in Tulum or partying in Miami, JBIER curated the Meet Me in Paradise Collection to serve as style inspiration for all of your packing needs.

Beach Vacations - Packing for Tulum

Whether you're going to the beach in Tulum, Turks and Caicos, Palm Beach, or Malibu, JBIER has all of the outfit essentials that you'll need. Check out the JBIER Team's recommendations on what to wear for your summer vacations.

A beach vacation is the best time to sit back and relax! Your only concerns should be how much sunscreen to use and what bathing suit to wear. Our Crochet Patchwork Pants serve as both a stylish beach cover up and as bottoms for a casual brunch. The Knitted Twist Maxi Dress is another trendy option that will keep you comfortable no matter what your activities are for the day.

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Tourist Vacations - Packing for Mykonos

Summer is the perfect time to explore new parts of the world and to become acquainted with new cultures, foods, music, and most importantly: fashion! Immerse yourself with the beautiful blues and wanderlust whites that make up the streets of Mykonos. From floral prints to patterned stripes, our Meet Me in Mykonos Collection will have you feeling like a Greek goddess.

When traveling to Mykonos, packing outfits that are comfortable, chic, and stylish is a must. Our Floral Printed Mini Dress and Square Collar Two-Piece Set are perfect for a boat tour, exploring the ancient relics, or simply roaming the streets.

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Partying Vacations - Packing for Miami

Welcome to Miami! This city is the perfect place to express yourself with eccentric neon colors, such as pink and orange. Our Meet Me in Miami Collection will help with making a bold statement in the city known for its buzzing nightlife.

From gorgeous beaches and luxurious shopping rendezvous to yacht parties and night clubs, Miami is the perfect location to escape from your normal routine and let loose with your friends. Our Rainbow Knit Set paired with our Perla Aviator Sunglasses makes the perfect daytime outfit for shopping, lunch, and strolling by the beach. Once the sun sets, change into our Criss-Cross Mini Bodycon Dress and Slide On Square Toe Heels to end the day with dinner, drinks, and dancing the night away.

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No matter what your vacation plans are, JBIER has all of the outfit inspiration you need to look your best. Feel free to share your favorite JBIER vacation outfits with us on the @jbierboutique Instagram account and shop our website for more lookbooks!

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