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Sustainability with JBIER

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

“Sustainability” - A major trigger word not only in the political field, but among the fashion industry. In order to reduce your carbon footprint and subscribe to an environmentally friendly life, fast fashion should be avoided.

With that being said, finding the perfect wardrobe on a budget without dipping into fast fashion is not easy. The majority of the downfall at the intersection of fashion and the environment comes from big-box retailers, not individual shoppers.

Fast fashion companies, like Zara and Uniqlo, are the largest contributors to the fast fashion market. Zara alone creates roughly 500 new designs a week with low-grade materials in massive quantities in order to stay up to date with trends and keep prices low. It is not only disposing of unsold merchandise, but the process to create this clothing uses significant amounts of water, energy, waste, and chemicals for production. While all clothing utilizes a hefty production process, the volume and speed at which fast fashion moves are destructive. Shopping second-hand mitigates this process as the merchandise is not being produced for your consumption.

Oftentimes shopping sustainably on a budget and fast fashion seems like the only solution without breaking the bank, but that is not the case. Even if you aren't in a location with the best thrift shopping, JBIER has a solution!

Shopping second-hand is not only environmentally friendly, but is also very exciting! Searching for a new piece is incredibly rewarding and allows a fashionista to maintain a unique closet. Through shopping on our website and our Poshmark Closet, you will come across hundreds of second-hand products to fit all sizes, styles, and desires. The light pink Wildfox sweatpants are an ideal staple for your athleisure wardrobe. Whether it’s mens, womens, lifestyle, or beauty, there are endless opportunities to choose from at JBIER.

That said, cutting out all forms of first-hand fashion is not always possible. Living a more sustainable life requires mindfulness. Keeping the environment and your carbon footprint in mind, live your life, and shop in a balance. You will not find the perfect pair of leather pants every time you shop second-hand, but do not be discouraged! You may find a beautiful button-down for your next dinner party instead.

Some may take extra regard to turn the lights off, eat plant-based, or use reusable containers, but making second-hand fashion your go-to shopping technique will make way for rapid change. Regardless, balance is important, and the more you can shop sustainably, the better. By purchasing products from JBIER, you are able to combine resale and new products to fill your closet and clear your conscience.


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