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Celebrating Two Years With JBIER

In May of 2020, Jessica Bierman built up her successful Poshmark business and founded JBIER, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle startup based out of New York. Over the past two years, JBIER has become a reflection of Bierman’s love for fashion, rosé, and beauty. Our commitment to and inherent love for promoting a more sustainable future includes the expansion of our Poshmark platform. Just today, JBIER's Poshmark reached a following of 75K community members and achieved the highest status as a level 11 Poshmark Ambassador!

In celebrating the Two Year Anniversary of JBIER, it’s exciting to reflect and see how far the business has come, from achieving 75K followers on Poshmark to growing the JBIER team to nearly 30 interns.

It’s all about growth and progression. We’ve evolved so much, and every single person has played such an integral role.~ Bierman, Founder and CEO

Interns play a pivotal role in elevating the business to where it is now and headed in the future. Through working with such a collaborative, diverse, and passionate team, Bierman created the JBIER Fashion Internship Program. This program gives interns an experiential learning experience by aligning them with specific roles that they will thrive in based on their areas of study, experience, and interests. The program has rapidly expanded in 2o22 with new areas of focus, including Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, Administration and Operations, as well as Finance.

"JBIER has such a positive work environment and inclusive atmosphere. Everyone is really supportive of one another and truly loves their job. Joining JBIER was honestly one of the best choices I have ever made. I have gained so many skills along with friendships I know will last a lifetime." ~ Gabriella Rocha, former Social Media Marketing team lead

Looking ahead, Bierman and the JBIER Team aim to grow a fashion empire together with genuine engagement and collaborative partnerships. JBIER is projected to reach 100K followers on Poshmark by the end of 2022. Additionally, the team has been in communication with esteemed brands to foster a collaboration to share an audience and expand JBIER's product assortment. Other partnerships that are underway include influencer, @linggg_baby, and musical artist, Michelle Rae, which will help spread awareness to a diverse audience who align with the same values as JBIER.

In addition to social media collaborations, Bierman is also working on establishing partnerships with universities, with the intent of pushing the boundaries of the startup business into the realm of career services. As a certified career management advisor, Bierman has always had the desire to help students succeed in their professional pursuits and achieve their career goals. Consequently, Bierman will be hosting career service workshops, starting with Resume 101. Alongside this, the JBIER social team will be sending out educational, career-focused blogs and newsletters to provide students with helpful resources.

Today, JBIER is made up of exceptional team members that have helped grow the business tremendously. Bierman fosters a collaborative environment, with an open communication policy, and a strong commitment to the team:

"In the face of a challenge, those are the moments when you make the biggest decisions. When operating remotely, you have to create a virtual space that mimics that of an in-person environment. Working with interns around the world makes it challenging for some, but with much practice, passion, and dedication for education, I structured the business where team members work collaboratively in breakout rooms on Zoom, while also having the opportunity to work autonomously. In order to adapt to many different time zones, I created a flexible schedule that allows interns to choose what hours and days they are able to work. This way, my team is able to create a healthy, balanced environment of school, work, and personal time. I have always always always valued education above all else, therefore creating a flexible workplace will allow my team to schedule their work hours around their school schedule, especially when finals week comes along... That said, the same goes for all of my customers. The goal and objective is to create a virtual shopping experience that mimics that of a face-to-face environment in a brick-and-mortar store. When customer's can't touch and feel the product, it makes it much more challenging, but, I never back down from a challenge. Personalization, communication, transparency, and mutual trust will do just that," Bierman

Bierman has been asked many times where her inspiration for JBIER came from and how she was able to construct a company that is so aligned with her passions. She says that a lot of things fell into place for the business to take off when it did, but there was no defining “ah-hah” moment... However, little did she know the idea had always been in her head, whether she realized it or not.

Recently, she found evidence of her subconscious desire to start a business: a note from 2018 detailing what was then to become JBIER today. There is no surprise to spot "lots of clothing", "cosmetics", "shoes, bags, jewelry," "selling," "styling," and, of course, "fashion!" After years of working in the beauty industry, her love for "doing makeup" and "cosmetics" has only become stronger. It is very interesting to see "come to you or you go there" and "technology." The evolution of today's virtual space allows for the business to operate remotely, as well as launch pop-up shops, where customers can essentially "come to you". One of the most impactful "random thoughts" is most certainly "co-ed." JBIER’s slogan, “We Are All Angels,” is the foundation of JBIER's mission to bring people an inclusive platform to express their diversity and self-expression through fashion. Last but not least, to this day, she still does not love to cook. So, not much has changed.

Resale is and always has been at the heart of the business, offering sustainable shopping opportunities and unique items to shoppers. As previously mentioned, just today, JBIER's Poshmark reached a following of 75K community members and achieved the highest status as a level 11 Poshmark Ambassador! Bierman puts a lot of thought into packaging each and every sale; after all, it’s the first thing customers will see when their JBIER package arrives, and she wants to ensure a positive first impression by making it memorable and unique. Despite designing gorgeous thank you cards, Bierman still writes handwritten notes to customers and with free gifts to show appreciation and to try and build a personalized relationship. In addition, virtual-shopping events, better known as "Posh Parties", have played a huge role in JBIER's growth on Poshmark by giving Bierman an opportunity to engage with the community.

“Going into year three, we’ve never had a stronger team dynamic, everyone shares the same vision and goals. I can't wait to see what the future has in store.” ~ Bierman

Hear it first from the JBIER family and Leadership team:

"I love the culture at JBIER. Everyone on the team is extremely kind and helpful. When we all work together we produce amazing results. All of the work I do whether that be on a team or independent, I know I am making a difference in the company."

~ Kathryn Ellsworth, former Project Management Team Lead and Assistant to the Founder

"Jess has created such a welcoming and fun environment for her interns where we are encouraged to share ideas and collaborate with others. We have the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects that provides a well-rounded introduction to working in the fashion industry."

- Corinne Dottori, former Fashion Merchandising, and Product Management Team Lead

"The JBIER interview experience was unlike any interview I have had prior. Kate and Jessica were super positive and seemed genuinely interested in having a conversation about what you wanted to accomplish while interning at JBIER."

~ Sydney Bednarsky, former Fashion Merchandising, and Product Management Team Lead

"My experience with JBIER will forever be the reason that I know I am capable of jumping into something so new and unfamiliar and loving every minute of it."

~ Nathan Morris, former Social Media Marketing Team Lead

"I worked across so many different teams and really saw how to build up a brand, which is a really unique experience to have... I recommend that everyone work for a startup if they can."

~ Mariana Warcholski, former Project Management Team Lead, and Assistant to the Founder

Learn more about JBIER:


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Ridhima Dasari
Ridhima Dasari
May 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

2 years!!! What an achievement! Can't wait to see more!


Nicole Bell
Nicole Bell
Jul 27, 2022

I love learning about where this company has come from and I look forward to the future!! ❤️❤️


Nayely Reyes
Nayely Reyes
Jul 13, 2022

Happy 2 Years!!! love it


Caroline Mentor
Caroline Mentor
Jul 06, 2022

Happy Two Years! Wishing you all the best in the years to come 💕


Em C
Em C
Jun 22, 2022

Loved reading this blog! It gave me a great insight on the company as a whole. Happy 2 years!😊

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