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The Evolution of JBIER

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As JBIER Inc. reaches its fourth year in the making, we celebrate with threads of creativity, style, and bold vision. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to sit down with the Founder and CEO of JBIER Inc., Jessica Bierman. From humble beginnings to a tapestry of fashion excellence, each milestone signifies her commitment to timeless innovation and growth. Reflecting on her journey, we gain valuable insights into her experiences as a female business owner, entrepreneur, and passionate fashionista, driven by love and determination.

“There was no right choice for me but entrepreneurship. I was guided throughout my life on an entrepreneurial path. With my grandpa starting his own business in sales, my aunt in fashion, and my dad in engineering and contracting, entrepreneurship runs in the family, so it was only a matter of time before I followed in their footsteps.” - Jessica Bierman

1. How did your love for fashion bloom?

Jessica has always considered her aunt, Adrienne Landau, an impactful role model, designer, and fashion industry icon. Adrienne Landau Designs wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for its strong, accomplished female CEO. Growing up in her showroom, Jessica was immersed in fashion. Adrienne taught Jessica the foundation of entrepreneurship and what it means to be a woman in business. She taught Jessica the keys to success: be hungry, create opportunity, dream big, work hard, and know your worth. 

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Jessica’s overarching goal is to provide key resources to young aspiring entrepreneurs and empower them to grow their own businesses and follow their dreams. She is determined to help make that happen! She can’t stress enough the importance of taking initiative, being ambitious in your actions, having an eagerness to be different, and making an impact. She is confident that these essential skills will allow young aspiring entrepreneurs to stand out amongst the competition and ultimately succeed.

2. How did you get started in your entrepreneurial journey?

As co-host of Good Morning America and breast cancer survivor, Joan Lunden is a strong, powerful leader and role model. Jessica has always been inspired by her story, knowledge, and strength. As a keynote speaker at a Breast Cancer Summit in October 2019, Joan quoted The two most important days in your life: the day you were born and the day you find out why.Jessica couldn’t help but wonder about that second day. When will it be and how will she get there?

Jessica was always curious to learn about the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship, so she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. After completing Macy's Store Management Internship Program , her junior year of college, she was offered placement in their Executive Development Program (EDP) post graduation. The prestigious EDP program is an immersive experience that fosters leadership, strategic planning, and business management. These essential skills are necessary to run a multi-million retail business and enable rapid career progression. In 2014, as a senior approaching graduation, she felt uncertain about what specific career path she wanted to pursue.

Leveraging the power of networking, Adrienne introduced Jessica to a Senior Vice President (SVP) at The Esteé Lauder Companies (ELC). A single phone call emerged an instant connection, shared passion for the beauty industry, and a glimpse into her dream job. She encouraged Jessica to explore Macy’s EDP program before pursuing a job at ELC. She told Jessica to be patient and keep in touch with her, so she can let her know when the right role becomes available. Jessica looked up to her as a role model and trusted the process.

Whether it be a simple text or phone call, Jessica made sure to stay connected. Little did Jessica know that one day she would call her with excitement to come into the New York City office to interview for her dream job. Confidently bringing a wealth of experience from her previous managerial roles at Macy’s, Jessica was then hired as a Coordinator on ELC’s corporate

innovation team.

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3. Can you share a specific example of a time when you had to embrace change in your career journey, and how did it impact your professional growth?

When it comes to adaptability in the workplace, Jessica’s advice is, Embrace change, try everything you can, Keep an open mind, find strengths, recognize weaknesses, and listen to grow. Always network and do not be afraid to ask questions. Becoming an entrepreneur requires you to explore different ventures, tackle all different experiences, and try everything; because the things you might like you'll never know unless you try. Year after year, we have our ups and downs, people come and go, no two days are the same, but the goal remains the same: make an impact everyday!

With 11+ years of experience in the fashion, beauty, and retail industries, Jessica has worked with esteemed companies, such as The Esteé Lauder Companies (ELC), Macy’s Inc., Adrienne Landau Designs, and Rodan + Fields. Throughout Jessica’s career, she has built an incredible network of mentors and industry professionals who have served as a profound inspiration to her as she continues to grow her business.

Understanding different relationships and communication styles gave her the ability to be successful in different environments. According to Jessica, Whether it be managing people or cross-functionally collaborating with different teams, I learned the importance of being adaptable and flexible when shifting to new roles. People are more willing to follow your lead when they feel as if you are listening and getting to know them. While I was eager to share my ideas, show enthusiasm, and willingness to contribute, I put that aside and prioritized setting goals, listening, observing, taking mental and physical notes, ultimately soaking up everything like a sponge.

By leveraging her network connections, her transition to her role at ELC was a significant turning point for Jessica. The push and encouragement that she was given by the SVP, motivated her to explore new career avenues, embrace change, and marked the start of her journey into the corporate world in her New York City dream job. Here, she was able to leverage her passion for the beauty atmosphere and apply it to a professional corporate space. At that time, starting a new role, she already knew it was important to listen, ask questions, observe, take notes, and soak up everything like a sponge. So, as a Coordinator for the Corporate Product Innovation team and MAC Cosmetics Product Development team, Jessica was able to successfully collaborate with ELC’s top 10 brands, such as MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Tom Ford, Clinique, Smashbox, and Esteé Lauder to name a few.

All in all, through her experience at Macy’s and ELC, she learned that everything truly does happen for a reason. Her experience at ELC, she uncovered her eagerness to be a big fish in a small pond environment with a be your own boss mindset. This gave her the push to later explore the startup world. Through Macy’s EDP and a brick-and-mortar environment, she realized how much she loved working with merchandise, sales, and managing people. Jessica’s curiosity to learn about e-commerce led to her next steps in her entrepreneurial journey. That said, in leveraging her passions and experience, JBIER was born.

4. What did the beginning stages of JBIER look like?

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While working in the corporate world, Jessica’s first experience as an entrepreneur began when she started her small business on Poshmark, @jbier, in March of 2015. Her passion for fashion combined with her inherent love for promoting a more sustainable future made Poshmark the ideal platform for her. She turns to the quote by Robert Brusalt, Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things. Embracing her small business journey as a one woman operation, Jessica gained valuable hands-on and virtual experience in sales, social media marketing, merchandising, finance, customer service, and more.

Since then, @jbier shop on Poshmark has expanded from a solo endeavor to a 20 person global team with e-commerce shops on, Poshmark, Instagram @jbierboutique @jbieresale @missjbier, TikTok, Facebook, and even the Metaverse. JBIER Boutique sells women's and men's fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle consumer goods directly to customers nationwide. Our marketplace features an array of in-house-designed branded merchandise and one-of-a-kind resale finds. Leveraging brand partnerships, strategic sourcing, and creative illustrations, the JBIER Boutique website houses 20+ curated collections, digital lookbooks, and gift guides catered to the unique styles and personas of each customer. To date, the Poshmark following has amassed 110K community members with 350+ five-star reviews, and a range of in-person and virtual events, such as Pop-up Shops and live Poshmark Shows to engage with the JBIER community virtually to showcase products in real-time.

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5. What is a resource to help you persevere through your journey?

Jessica’s mantra, “Never Give Up,” is a simple, yet powerful phrase that drives her personal and business goals. Jessica learned to never give up because everything happens for a reason. There was a time in her life when she was interviewing for what she thought was her dream job. During this process she learned the invaluable lesson that sometimes what we perceive as our dream job may not necessarily align with our true passions and values. What initially felt like a set back, turned into a step forward towards exactly what she was supposed to be doing.

Jessica Bierman, bottle of whispering angel rosé on table with JBIER jewelry in background, wine, rose barometer, Chateau D'Esclans

In January of 2020, Jessica was honored to have met the Winemaker of Chateau D'Esclans; home of her favorite wine, Whispering Angel Rosé. He handed her the Whispering Angel Rosé Barometer and taught her about the different shades of wine from a winemaker’s perspective. Little did she know at the time that meeting him and learning about the Rosé Barometer would later influence her entire brand image. He mentored and inspired her with his words,One day, you're not going to work for anyone. You will be your own boss and when you do, call me.” As soon as Jessica started JBIER, she called him and he said Finally.” He inspired Jessica to create the branding of JBIER centered around the Barometer and “the most attainable shade of rosé,” Rose Quartz.

whispering angel, Jessica Bierman, rose barometer, shades of pink wine, wine colors

Paul's inspiration gave her the confidence, strength, and tools to take JBIER Inc. to the next level. She took his advice, stayed true to her dreams and goals and took the leap to turn JBIER Inc. into what it is today. His emphasis on the importance of never giving up remained a key motivator in Jessica’s life. She never lost sight of the goals and aspirations she had set forth for herself and her business.

6. What did the evolution of taking JBIER Inc. and turning it into a global team and multi-platform presence look like?

Reflecting on her journey, Jessica shares her thoughts on the evolution of JBIER, People often ask me what was my inspiration for JBIER? Where did it come from and how was it possible to construct a company that is so aligned with my passions? Well, a lot fell into place for the business to take off when it, did but there was no defining “ah-hah'' moment. Every day there could be an “ah-hah” moment. Little did I know the ideas have always been in my head, whether I realized it or not.

After moving back home from Los Angeles to New York in March 2020, fate led Jessica to connect with her future business partner through LinkedIn. At the time, she was a newly graduated international student seeking guidance from Jessica for her career path. Drawing from her background as a Career Management Advisor and former employee at The Esteé Lauder Companies, she reached out to Jessica for insights and advice. During that time, the COVID-19 impact shifted focus to remote work and e-commerce. Teaming up with her partner, they realized @jbier on Poshmark had the potential to be so much more than just a side hustle and Jessica was confident that starting an online business was her destiny.

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Together, Jessica and her partner embarked on a journey to elevate JBIER to new levels. Initially, their collaboration thrived, producing exceptional work. However, when her partner relocated from the United States to Monaco, remote communication and collaboration became challenging. Despite being on separate continents, Jessica’s experiences as a manager and team player taught her the significance of effective conversations and team coordination in the workplace. While she suggested utilizing Zoom or traditional phone calls, her partner preferred working independently. So they made the mutual decision to part ways.

Nonetheless, Jessica remained determined. Her passion for career mentorship, especially with aspiring entrepreneurs, inspired her to expand the JBIER company. She aimed to cultivate a team environment where everyone shared a common passion for cross-functional collaboration whether in-person or virtually. Starting by recruiting students and volunteers in New York, Jessica later connected with schools nationwide. Together, through Zoom, they structured the JBIER Fashion Internship Program with various departments, team leads, weekly meetings, and eventually implemented daily breakout rooms.

7. How has the internship program flourished to the success story it is today?

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What once started as a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle e-commerce business, rapidly evolved into a platform that fosters education and career development. Inspired by the structure of Macy’s Executive Development Program and the big fish in a small pond mindset, Jessica wanted to create the same opportunities that she had for young aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2020, the JBIER Fashion Internship Program was established as an immersive learning experience created to support the personal, professional, and educational growth of college students within a remote, startup setting. Her overarching mission and vision is to invest in career development by providing accelerated expertise and resources necessary to kickstart professional careers, as well as opportunities to network and secure full-time positions. Jessica shares, “One word of advice based on my experience is to try out everything when you have the opportunity to. That's a sure way to find out what you want, what you don't want, and ultimately who you really are. It’s never too early nor too late to start pursuing your dreams and I want to help make that happen!” She was dedicated to building an environment where students can dip their toes in different waters by exploring a wide array of departments and responsibilities, work cross-functionally to collectively bring ideas to life. Jessica believes that nurturing and building a great team that believes in the business and its values, is what will lead to success.

project management & assistant to founder, project management and business development, Human Resources and talent acquisition,  social media marketing, fashion merchandising, creative writing, web design photography and videography

Today, the program has amassed 70+ university partnerships, 18k+ internship applications, and 77 graduates with seven internship tracks. Jessica is proud to share that 90% of graduates secured positions with renowned companies, such as Conde Nast, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ross, Disney, TJXX, and Centric Brands. Jessica states, “It is the most rewarding feeling in the world to know that I'm truly able to make a difference. As I always say, teamwork makes the dream work!

8. How do you maintain JBIER’s values to be an inclusive, diverse, and safe workplace?

Jessica Bierman, JBIER merchandise, our team, diversity, interns, smiling girl, we are all angels

We strive to provide our Angels with the confidence and power to showcase their beauty and push the boundaries of the fashion world,” Jessica shares. Throughout the brand’s evolution, inclusivity and diversity has remained the heart of the company. Drawing from her experiences in the fashion and beauty industries, coupled with her identity as a female business owner and young manager, Jessica recognized the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and women in achieving acceptance. For JBIER, she wanted to do everything in her power to build a support system for anyone and everyone around the world. To support these causes, the JBIER team creates branded merchandise and donates a portion of JBIER Boutique’s proceeds to organizations, such as the Trevor Project and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Angel, girl, stencil drawing, JBIER Angel Collection Sketch, Jessica Bierman

JBIER’s foundation rests on the belief that "We Are All Angels," fostering an inclusive platform for diverse self-expression through fashion. The strategy for success is simple: invest in people, ensure the highest quality products, stay on top of industry trends, and provide top-of-the-line service. JBIER's collective commitment to supporting others drives us to provide the best shopping experience for the customers, while creating a prosperous working environment for the team.

9. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of JBIER?

 “JBIER Inc. aims to be a catalyst for change, driving innovation, and inspiring the next generation of fashion and beauty industry leaders. Our overarching goal is to revolutionize the way people engage with fashion and e-commerce, while providing a platform for career development.” - Jessica Bierman

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With ambitious goals set before them, Jessica and the JBIER Team are excited to embark on a journey that will propel the company to new heights. As they strive to create a buzz around the JBIER brand, they recognize the importance of support in helping them achieve their goals. Jessica is proud to announce the launch of the new JBIER Fundraising page that showcases expansion initiatives for JBIER Boutique e-commerce shops, JBIER Fashion Internship Program, and leadership team. Looking into the future, JBIER’s goals are centered around partnerships, events, and markets.

Specifically, a top priority at JBIER is to foster meaningful partnerships with brands, influencers, universities, employers, and investors. Jessica’s goal is not only to cultivate stronger connections with communities that share the same visions and values, but also to unlock opportunities for mutual growth and development.

Through strategic partnerships in education, JBIER's collaboration with esteemed employers marks a significant stride in empowering students to conquer the challenges of today’s job market, while equipping them with the confidence and resources needed to secure meaningful opportunities for their future success. By merging academic knowledge obtained in a traditional classroom setting with industry-relevant training, partnering with universities will significantly enhance student job placement rates. Jessica is also very excited about executing the Career Acceleration Program (CAP) Workshop Series nationwide. The series adopts a proactive approach by providing virtual and in-person workshops, along with networking events, all designed to equip our future leaders with essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in whatever path they choose. The purpose of these valuable coaching services is to address the pressing challenges faced by students in the current job market, assist with refining their career goals, and making informed decisions, emphasizing the significance of robust career development strategies. The distinguished networking events include Industry Panels, Employer Engagement, Founder Fridays, and VIP Speaker Series. Additionally, Bringing a wealth of expertise and undeniable skillset in providing visionary leadership, we aim to expand our Leadership Team with C-Suite executives and managers to provide strategic guidance, promote educational excellence, and ensure sustainable practices within the company’s operations.

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Through strategic partnerships in fashion, the company aims to expand the sustainable product assortment and increase brand visibility. The JBIER x Landauland Collection represents an iconic duo with JBIER Boutique and renowned New York-based fashion designer, Adrienne Landau. Jessica believes, “The future of retail is bright when businesses come together to change lives and better the planet!” Immersed in e-commerce and passionate about the growth of technology, the JBIER Boutiques Metaverse gives a taste of what the future of fashion can look like. Delving into the realm of the Metaverse, visitors can explore the JBIER Meta World and JBIER X Landauland Meta Showroom to shop JBIER Boutique products and learn more about the brand’s story.

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Other strategies Jessica and the JBIER Team are eager to pursue include captivating Angel Boxes and orchestrating exciting Pop-Up Shop events. With hopes of distributing to JBIER Angels nationwide, Angel Boxes are curated personalized assortments of merchandise tailored to individual styles, sizes, and trends. JBIER aims to expand this endeavor by adopting a subscription box program to offer quarterly Angel Boxes to the brand’s most valued angels. Additionally, JBIER Boutique has hosted Pop-up Shop events in New York over the past four years and are eager to take the vision further than just our home state. The beauty of our Pop-up Shop is to create a hands-on shopping experience that takes place in a temporary retail space. This allows the customers the unique opportunity to connect face-to-face with Jessica and her wonderful team!

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Thank you for reading as we explore the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset with Jessica Bierman. We hope her journey and life lessons learned along the way have given you the inspiration, confidence, and tools to follow in her footsteps!

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