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Cyber Monday Steals

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Shop ‘til you drop this holiday season! With Black Friday behind us, your backs might still be aching from all the holiday purchases. Grab a heating pad and grab your wallet because there’s still more Cyber Monday deals to steal! At JBIER, we have the ultimate fashion and beauty steals. Keep reading to learn more about the current deals for our extended Cyber Monday sale, valid through Tuesday 12/1/20. We love these products, and at these prices — your wallet will, too!

This Juicy Couture set features two pairs of beautiful drop earrings. The first pair is complete with rhinestone and crown detailing, perfect for Y2K aesthetics. The second pair has both small and large rhinestone detailing, as well as silver floral design.

This stunning Tory Burch set features a gold chain link wrap around necklace, accented with blue flowers and pearls. This gleaming 16K Gold bangle bracelet is complete with the brand's signature geometric medallion at north, south, east and west.

This set features a beautiful, authentic diamond square necklace from Bloomingdales, a sophisticated picture frame with pearl accents and a designer photo album to keep all your special memories safe.


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