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Items to Spend On, Items to Save On: Summer Edition

Let's face it: budgeting your wardrobe can be difficult with trends constantly evolving and plans always changing. Through it all, you want to look your best. In doing so, deciding which articles of clothing are worth the splurge can get out of hand quickly. Too many times, we allow ourselves to impulsively spend a pretty penny, only to find an affordable dupe for the same item a few weeks later. At JBIER, we strive to keep both your closet and bank account fabulous by tailoring our product assortment to compliment any budget. Today, JBIER team member Sarah Gabay compiled the ultimate guide to saving and splurging on your wardrobe.

A golden rule for smart shopping? Stick to versatility! Remember, each article of clothing has a different price range. For example, dresses tend to be more expensive than t-shirts. Be reasonable as you shop, keep in mind the value of what you are shopping for, and seek out items that are both practical and multifaceted.

Items to spend on:

Pants and Shorts

Investing in quality pants and shorts can make all the difference in your look and confidence. Finding pants, especially classic denim, that fit both your style and body type is an age-old problem. So when you finally find that perfect pair of jeans, it's OK to indulge! As your personal style may shift and you need something that will work with any aesthetic, you can always count on denim-on-denim for your everyday staple pieces. We at JBIER always support being bold, expanding your look, and expressing yourself. Just don't let your self-expression break the bank!

Shop Pants and Shorts:


No outfit is complete without shoes. They can transform a lazy day look into off-duty chic, add sleek elegance to your cocktail dress, or simply spice up a plain outfit. Quality shoes often come with a hefty price tag, and almost every outfit requires a different pair. Once you have all of your essential shoes (sneakers, neutral heels, sandals, flip-flops, booties, etc.), expanding your shoe collection is a fun and easy way to transform your fashion game. JBIER is a great destination to find shoes that are high-quality, stylish, and affordable for every budget!

Shop Shoes:


Quality over quantity! Whether you are lounging on the beaches of Tulum or kicking it

poolside in Miami, you'll need swimwear that is flattering, durable, and fashionable. Who said your stylish swimsuits were only meant for the beach?! Wear your favorite swim top with a front-tied linen shirt, wide-legged pants, and trade out your flip-flops for sandals to instantly go from beach to brunch. You won't regret investing in swimwear, trust us.

Shop Swimwear:

Items to save on:

Summer Dresses & Skirts

A light and simple look stays in style and consistently keeps you feeling fabulous. Dresses and skirts are the go-to summer staple and we recommend saving on these pieces. Mini, midi, or maxi, there are so many options to browse through. Luckily, there are many affordable versions available. From our Knitted Twist Maxi Dress to Short Sleeve Floral Sundress, JBIER has a multitude of looks that will show off your golden tan and keep you looking like a fashion guru.

Shop Dresses and Skirts:


With so many options to choose from, summer tops can be hard to pick. After all, outfits often revolve around the perfect top. Seek out pieces that can be worn with any and all bottoms, or can be both dressed up and dressed down. Styles and trends evolve so quickly. While you may have a few reliable high-end tops in your wardrobe, trendy tops are certainly not worth the high dollar price tag. Shop with JBIER to find the trendiest tops at affordable prices.

Shop Tops:


It's all in the details! Elevate any outfit by adding statement pieces that don’t break the bank. Every season calls for new, different accessories, so save the splurging for other items. Trending accessories like jewelry and bags allow you to take your favorite outfit and create so many new looks by simply switching a few pieces. Get creative and go crazy with all the different combinations you can make!

Shop Accessories:

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Nicole Cina
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