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Transforming Customer Experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The key to any successful business is a strong focus and dedication to customers. It is crucial to put customers at the forefront of all business decisions to succeed. Any internal and external decision should focus on the consumer and their needs.

Customers are more important than anything. We make that obvious.”

Each touchpoint within the customer journey proves to be an essential part of customer service and a finite way to keep customers coming back to your business. From the first moment of brand awareness to the moment of purchase, every step and interaction with the business leaves a lasting impact on the customer and, ultimately, impacts their decision to shop with you again. Brands should consider each interaction with their customers and how it impacts them. One way to keep track of your customers’ purchase journey with your brand is to create a customer journey map, detailing each brand interaction with your customers and how it impacts their decisions and relationship with your company.

By recognizing each touchpoint between your brand and your customers, you can begin to develop and enhance their interactions. This allows your brand to understand where customers are coming in contact with the business and ensure they’re having a positive experience, allowing brands to place themselves in their customers’ shoes and build lasting relationships.

At JBIER, customers are everything. Founder, Jessica Bierman, explains that one of her first experiences in retail at Macy’s laid the foundation for her desire to consistently put customers first in her business. During her early career in retail, Macy’s mission statement left a fundamental mark on her future relationship with the business. Their mission was to constantly put themselves in the customer’s shoes while putting them in the center of all decision-making.

Jessica Bierman strives to integrate this mission and value for customers in the core of her business. She wants each customer to have a unique and personalized experience with her brand at every touchpoint.

How JBIER Integrates Excellent Customer Service:

1. Personalized thank you cards

At JBIER, each customer gets a personalized and individualized card thanking them for their business. Jessica works hard to create beautifully written and aesthetically pleasing notes to ensure that her customers feel loved and appreciated.

2. Specialized Packaging

JBIER created unique packaging that embodies the brand’s image. This packaging takes time and dedication to ensure that it is visually appealing. JBIER’s team believes it is important to use visuals and details to show customers how much you care about them as individuals.

3. Special Gifts with Purchase

To show customers how much their business means to the brand, JBIER gives back as much as possible. The founder believes that the small details make a big difference in showing customer appreciation, so what better way than to offer free gifts with purchase. One of her favorites to gift is a Rodan + Fields at-home mini facial.

4. Personalized Service

JBIER takes a hands-on approach to communicate with customers, both speedily and accurately. Each customer will have a unique and personalized experience throughout their business interaction with the brand. Making customers feel unique creates a long-lasting impression.

Customers are the core of any business. At JBIER, we work hard to ensure that each customer feels like our top priority. While providing excellent customer service, we encourage our customers to reach out with any feedback, including questions, inquiries, and concerns. By enhancing each interaction our customers have with the brand, while simultaneously creating unique and personalized experiences, we strive to put our customers at the center of all of JBIER’s decision-making. As JBIER rapidly expands, the team will continue to put customers at the top of every decision to build lasting relationships and positive brand experiences.


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