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The Ultimate Beauty Guide for 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

What trend will you be hopping on?

At the core of JBIER’s mission is our dedication to keeping our customers “In The Know.” Whether it’s beauty or fashion, through in-depth research and analysis of current and emerging industry trends, we at JBIER are eager to bring the latest and greatest news to your fingertips.

Jessica Bierman, founder and CEO of JBIER Inc., and the JBIER team became intrigued by Cosmetic Executive Women’s 2021 Trendalytics Beauty Forecast report. That said, we're excited to showcase four of the most popular trends that will keep you in the know through 2022.


Welcome to the modern Roaring Twenties! COVID-19 left us makeup-free for months. While this gave our pores a chance to breathe, consumers are beginning to miss the glitz of getting ready for a night out. After nearly two years of beautiful bare faces, loungewear sets, and date nights in, “Revenge Glamour” will be the new beauty trend as we enter 2022. Expect to see a revival of faux eyelashes, contoured faces, and acrylic nails. With the popularization of platforms such as TikTok, 2021's new-age technology has given rise to a bustling virtual beauty community, where creativity flourishes and trends multiply by the minute! Glam makeup transformations are a viral sensation on TikTok, and we suspect that they are here to stay.

The top four revival colors of 2022 are hot pink, gold, black, and burgundy. This palette embodies the true essence of glamour. Adding warm pops of color to the lips and mixed metals to the nails and eyes are a must. Beauty enthusiasts may be surprised by the new trending ingredients accompanying this revival: black cherry, 12-carat gold, and caviar. Sounds fancy, right? Well, caviar isn't just for eating! Caviar has antioxidant properties that protect and nourish the skin. As for 12-carat gold, this ingredient is used to calm the skin by reducing inflammation. Due to high water content of black cherries, the fruit serves as a great source of hydration for the skin.

As we trade in our loungewear and clean face for a full glam look, the beauty community is here to recommend the most effective products for our re-entry into the Roaring Twenties.

Emerging Trends: Acrylic Nails, Faux Eyelashes


Natural. Earthly. Ethical. Verdant represents the eco-conscious, sustainable side of the beauty industry. The sustainability movement aims to protect our future, and consumers are beginning to get on board. We are seeing eco-friendly products such as refillable beauty containers and body care rise into popularity.

Verdant, which includes a palette of sage and terracotta evokes imagery of nature and brings the eco-conscious efforts of the beauty industry to life. Three cutting edge ingredients that are dominating the verdant trend are black truffle, mugwort, and snow mushroom. Black truffle and snow mushrooms hold anti-aging properties, while mugwort promises to boost energy.

Emerging Trends: conditioner bar, refillable body wash, under eye makeup

Teen Dream

Channeling the Y2K aesthetic, Gen-Z has introduced “Teen Dream” to the fashion scene. Drawing inspiration from early 2000's beauty and fashion trends, social media influencers flood our feeds with smiley face manicures, vintage finds, and colorful eyeliner. Teen Dream boasts the colors, nostalgia, and playfulness of the early 2000's with the inclusivity, diversity, and celebration of self of the 2020's. Shop our Popfeel All in One Makeup Set for the perfect Y2K look. Trending colors include bubblegum pink, lavender, and light blue, most of which have already hit the markets in anticipation of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 season and will continue into the next year. After all, who doesn't love bubblegum pink?

Emerging trends: Blue eyeliner, colored eyebrows, rainbow manicure


As the beauty industry converges with the internet, the future of beauty lies in the hands of the Omniverse trend. Inspired by the high-tech innovations of the 2020s, Omniverse represents an era of beauty revolution. Symbolic of the emerging innovation that lays ahead, notable colors you don’t want to miss are shades of ice, teal, and red-orange. Metallic lips, inner corner eyeliner, and futuristic makeup looks are the defining staples of the Omniverse trend.

In our ever-advancing society, beauty is constantly evolving. Consumers are turning to online retailers for their demands, aiming the spotlight at high-tech beauty. As the market adapts to the virtual setting and the trend towards personalization is at the forefront, advanced technologies have introduced virtual try-on features to the online retail platform. No matter where you are, this innovative AI/VR virtual try-on software allows you to upload images of your face using your mobile device and instantly test or “try-on” as many products as you want in order to find that perfect shade that best matches you and your skin.

Emerging trends: Modwig, shattered glass nails

Whether you’re taking on a full glam look in response to a year of WFH or shifting to a more eco-conscious consumer mindset in the wake of the current sustainable revolution, JBIER is here to make your dreams a reality.


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Nov 24, 2021

Love this blog!! So informative and I love reading your explanation behind each trend!! So helpful and fun to read


Nicole Cina
Nicole Cina
Nov 17, 2021

my favorite blog!


Kathryn Ellsworth
Kathryn Ellsworth
Nov 03, 2021

love this blog, would love to see more like it! 💕


Unknown member
Aug 11, 2021

Omg love this!


Mara Enderbury
Mara Enderbury
Jun 30, 2021

queen energy

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