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The Art of Serum: Adding to Your Skincare Routine

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Why should everyone be using a serum?

Across the world, serum is an integral part of everyone’s skincare routine. In most European and Asian countries, serum is seen as equally important as a facial cleanser. However, this trend has yet to gain popularity in North America. Many people are unaware of the uses and benefits that a serum can add to a skin routine. With that in mind, after understanding the power of a serum, it becomes clear why they are such an essential part of skincare.

So, what is serum?

Serum is a type of skincare product with a light lotion or gel consistency that allows it to seep deep into the pores. This product possesses the highest concentration of active ingredients and ensures that the skin will reap the benefits of each component. This is a great product to help boost any skincare routine due to the numerous improvements serums can offer.

Serum has the ability to reach deep within the skin because it is made up of smaller molecules that allow it to penetrate deeper levels of the epidermis layer. This formula allows the ingredients to cultivate from within and treat the skin at its core. Essentially, serums are able to reach deeper levels of the skin that no other product can.

Not only can serums reach deeper levels of the skin, but these products are able to produce the most effective results. Serums have a high concentration ratio of active ingredients that provides the skin with the most powerful resources. Therefore, this concentration allows each ingredient to fulfill its purpose and adequately replenish the skin.

The combination of small molecules allows the product to seep deep into the skin and the high concentration of active ingredients give serums multiple benefits. The benefits of a serum vary depending on what ingredients it encompasses. If you’re looking for a way to boost a problematic aspect of your skin, it is crucial to find a serum with ingredients that work towards your goal. For example, some serums offer ingredients that prevent blemishes, and others work to provide hydration. In other words, the serum you add to your routine should be one that will benefit your skin the most. Some of these benefits include:

  • Clearing and preventing the appearance of blemishes

  • Repairing sun damage and smoothing out wrinkles

  • Calming redness and sensitivity

  • Hydrating the skin

  • Preventing the appearance of loss of tone

  • Exfoliating dry surface cells to smooth the skin

  • Fading brown spots and discoloration

Some tips for specific ingredients to help target various skin types include:

Acne-Prone skin:

  • Vitamin C – “increases collagen production, enhances skin’s repair process, and reduces inflammation”

  • Retinol – brightens the skin, antioxidant, reduces irritation

  • Zinc – “soothes irritation, regulates oil production”

  • Salicylic Acid – clears pores, exfoliates oil and dead skin

Dry skin:

  • Vitamin E – “an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage”

  • Niacinamide – “improves skin elasticity, increases ceramide levels in the skin”

  • Glycolic Acid – cellular turnover to reduce scars and hyperpigmentation

  • Hyaluronic Acid – replenished moisture

Dull skin:

  • Retinol – brightening

  • Green Tea Extract – antioxidant, cellular repair

  • Resveratrol – antioxidant, cellular repair

  • Ferulic Acid – antioxidant, cellular repair

  • Marjoram – reawakens and illuminates

Aging skin:

  • Acmella Extract – smoothing properties

  • Immortelle – fights aging and fine lines

How to use serum:

After finding a serum with ingredients that best fit your skin’s needs, it is crucial to integrate it into your skincare routine.

While you can apply serum in the morning, it is more effective to use it during the evening phase. During the evening phase, your skin is more susceptible to absorbing all of the serum’s ingredients and benefits.

Furthermore, serum should be applied after you cleanse and tone the skin, but before you apply a moisturizer. Applying it after a toner leaves the skin with a moist surface, allowing the serum to mix with the toner and seep deeper into the layers of the skin. Furthermore, applying a moisturizer afterward will create a protective barrier that seals in the serum.

Serum recommendations:

1. A five-star, international serum that I believe produces the most effective and efficient results is the Donnabella 24k Collagen Renewal Serum. This serum is packed with pure 24 karat gold, suspended in a colloidal gel, to help prevent the breakdown of collagen, while elastin improves the elasticity and firmness of your skin. It helps to rejuvenate and lift your skin for a renewed look by diminishing fine lines and dullness.

2. Another amazing serum to try is the Boscia Sake Hydrating & Brightening Essence. This serum essence helps to hydrate and brighten the skin by soothes and reduces redness while delivering long-lasting moisture to the skin.


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Corinne Dottori
Corinne Dottori
Jun 25, 2021

Love how this is broken down between different skin types. Thank you!!!

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