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Winter Skin Savers With Rodan + Fields

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Happy National Winter Skin Relief Day! With the warm, summer days and holidays behind us, we are now left with the harsh winter winds that tend to wreak havoc on our skin. The exposure to this influx of dry, cold air transfers the same conditions to our skin. The result is dull-looking, dry, and dehydrated skin that often feels tight and appears flaky and red. A red nose might work for Rudolph, but not for all of us women and men who like to have healthy skin all year round!

Tackle these skin concerns with Rodan + Fields army of Winter Skin Savers. Rodan + Fields Skincare Consultant, Jessica Bierman of JBIER, curated a series of six products guaranteed to solve all of your winter skincare woes. Jess is a firm believer that "what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body," emphasizing the importance of selecting quality skincare products. These products work together to effectively hydrate, moisturize, exfoliate, detoxify, and tan the skin. Continue reading to learn more about these fantastic products that you needed to implement into your routine, yesterday!

Serve your skin with a tall glass of water by using this powerful hydrating serum. This serum uses an advanced formula containing humectants (water-attracting molecules), glycerin, and hyaluronic acid to raise hydration levels in the skin by 200%.

Brighten up! This gel-cream pairs perfectly with the Active Hydration Serum by delivering the same advanced key ingredients to the delicate, sensitive under-eye skin that is most vulnerable to winter weather.

Treat the skin on your body just as you do the skin on your face with this advanced formula body moisturizer. This formula hydrates as well as prevents future moisture loss and maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Slough away dry, rough winter skin with a gentle sugar and salt scrub. This exfoliant also contains Vitamin E and Bisabolol, which calms and moisturizes the skin beneath.

Take some time for yourself to recharge this winter with a detoxifying, exfoliating, and moisturizing mask. Fortified charcoal removes impurities, while volcanic sand exfoliates away dry, dead skin, and mango seed butter, coconut, and avocado oils moisturize and soften the newly revealed skin underneath.

Jessica Bierman, experienced Rodan + Fields Skincare Consultant has been in the beauty game for over ten years and wants to help her JBIER clients achieve their best skin yet! Rodan + Fields, founded by expert dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, supplies products that are formulated with science in mind to deliver proven results. The brand combines groundbreaking formulas and a passion for providing effective regimens that you can trust.

Check out Rodan + Field’s consultant Jessica Bierman’s Solution Tool to receive personalized skincare recommendations for your unique skin type that satisfies all of your needs and concerns! It was developed to provide a virtual experience, just as if you took a visit to Dr. Rodan or Dr. Fields' office. The Solution Tool is available exclusively through Jessica Bierman's Rodan + Fields Skincare Website.

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Kathryn Ellsworth
Kathryn Ellsworth
2021. nov. 17.

I will definitely be purchasing one of these products, my skin is in need

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