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Ten Tips to Becoming a #JBIERGIRLBOSS

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

1. Find Your Passion

A #JBIERgirlboss is somebody who does what they're passionate about. What do you love to do? What doesn't feel like work? Now go chase it!

2. Be Future Focused

After you find your passion, figure out how to get to where you'd like to be. Make a game plan, set goals, and focus on your future that is brighter than ever!

3. Never Stop Working on Yourself

Just as #JBIERgirlbosses need support, JBIER girl bosses ALWAYS support and empower others! Your only competition is you. There is enough success for everybody, and respect always reigns supreme.

4. Be Willing to Learn

JBIER girl bosses know that they are never too old or too experienced to learn. Always keep an open mind and ask questions often. You never know the valuable tips and tricks others in your industry might be holding on to!

5. Work Hard

Hold yourself accountable. You don't become a JBIER girl boss by sitting back and letting the world go by. JBIER girl bosses go out and take life by the reigns, every day. Don't succumb to laziness — it's not a cute look!

6. Manage Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day, and for JBIER girl bosses, there's a lot to fit in. There's work, relationships, self-care, and more. So, grab your planner, make a to-do list, and effectively manage your time so you can slay in every category!

7. Take Care of Your Mind and Body

Girl bosses can't be their best selves if they don't feel like their best selves. Make sure you're eating healthy and making time to stay active.

8. Be Confident

A woman is confident when she knows her value and gets rid of the need for external validation. This confidence is necessary to execute tasks well and to feel good about yourself. Never forget what your unique self brings to the table. Nobody can do it the way you do!

9. Find a Great Support System

One person can't always do everything. Sometimes you need to ask for advice, or maybe you just need someone to tell you that you're doing the best you can. Find the people who recognize your inner light and who always help you find it when you feel it begin to dim.

10. Support and Empower Others

Just as JBIER girl bosses need support, JBIER girl bosses ALWAYS support and empower otherss! Remember that your only competition is you, there is enough success for everybody, and kindness and respect always reign supreme.


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