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How to Transform your Look from Day to Night

Transforming your outfit from day to night right out of the office or running errands can be tricky. However, a few simple additions will make your nighttime outfit look effortless and on-trend. Here are a few tips to help you make that transition and be ready for any plan, anytime!

Swap your Blazer for a Leather Jacket

Swap your blazer or cardigan out for a leather jacket to create a more edgy nighttime look. The Black Cropped Leather Jacket is an easy piece to keep close and throw over your shoulders when you need to quickly take your outfit to the next level.

Swap Your Chinos for Leather Pants

Throw in a pair of faux leather pants into your tote to make a quick change after work. The Faux Leather Split Bottom Pant is an easy swap adds edge to your look while staying classy. Best of all, they match everything!

Swap Your Tote for a Baguette Bag

Get rid of your ginormous tote with your laptop, planner, and entire life in it, and swap it for something chic! The Alligator Embossed Baguette Bag is subtle yet lavish. Pick a statement piece like this and bring only what you need for the night.

Swap Your Flats for Heels

Keep a pair of pumps in your office or in your bag for this easy transition! Swapping out flats for a pair of spring heels can instantly elevate any outfit. The Square Toe Heel is the perfect addition and is simple enough to match any outfit on the go.

Sometimes you don't have time to make the trip back home after the office or a long day. Keep these staple pieces close to save you time and effort, making the transition from a JBIERGirlBoss work-appropriate look to chic! Furthermore, it's always great to invest in some staple pieces, like a simple LBD, that make your day to night outfit transition easier. Even when you have a long night ahead of you after the workday, focus on these staple pieces and seamless transitions.


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Kathryn Ellsworth
Kathryn Ellsworth
Nov 17, 2021

Love the tips! Those totes are so cute, I need one!


Unknown member
Aug 11, 2021

LOVEE these tips!


Sydney Shortreed
Sydney Shortreed
Jun 30, 2021

these are such great ideas!

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