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#JBIERGirlBoss Guide to Interviews

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Let's face it, interviews are terrifying. Especially when they're online! The job market is especially competitive right now, and you want to show hiring managers the best version of yourself. Here are a few tips from the JBIER team to help you crush your next interview and have you leaving confident.

Research, Research, Research

Look into the history of the company, the current managers, and how they are operating. It is important to know the current state of the company so that you can speak on it, ask questions, and show your interest.

Dress for Success

It is important to wear something simple and conservative, but something that people will remember you by. For example, add a splash of color or simple jewelry.

Know Your Worth

You are an asset to every team, and you should know it. Confidence is expressed through your body, your language, and your tone. Know you are confident and the recruiter will know it as well.

Memorize Your Resume

Be able to speak on each experience, skill, and achievement. Do not write anything down that you could not back up.

Do Not Over Power the Interviewer

Be mindful not to speak too much. Allow the recruiter to tell you about themselves and ask you questions. A response of around 1-3 minutes per question is ideal.

Have Questions Prepared

The worst thing you can do in an interview is say "no, I don't have any questions." Questions ensure the recruiter that you are interested in the position and that you've done your homework. It will also help to engage the interviewer and keep the conversation flowing.

A few good questions to ask include:

"What do you enjoy most about working here?"

"What is your greatest accomplishment with the company?"

"How does the company measure employee performance?"

Do you feel I have the qualifications necessary to be successful in this position?

"What do the next steps look like?"

Follow Up With the Interviewer

Make sure to send them a thank you email 24 hours after the interview. This means a lot to the recruitment team and shows that after the interview you are still interested and that you are serious about the position.

Tips From Our Founder

After receiving her Career Management certification in 2016, Jessica Bierman has been a mentor to many young men and women looking to advance their careers in the Fashion, Beauty, and Retail industries. Jessica is knowledgeable in all aspects of career management, including self-branding, LinkedIn optimization, resume building, networking for business, and of course, interviewing 101. These skills are not only crucial as a mentor, but also in her personal career as an entrepreneur.

In fact, Jessica shared that she both aced and failed her fair share of interviews and is confident she wouldn't be where she is today if she didn't go through that experience. Jessica is constantly sharing her tips for success with the JBIER team so they can learn and grow as well. Although success is preferred, her failures have forced her to constantly grow and become a better business woman.

In case you were curious, Bierman's Top Ten key tips are:

  1. "ALWAYS know your interviewer and the company culture."

  2. "ALWAYS know the job description you applied for."

  3. "ALWAYS ask questions. "

  4. "ALWAYS choose a location that is quiet and well-lit, so you are able to fully concentrate."

  5. "ALWAYS send a follow-up email no more than 24 hours after your interview concluded."

  6. "ALWAYS be yourself!! Cover letters are always a plus because they help you stand out. This gives the hiring manager a glimpse into your experience and personality."

  7. ALWAYS be on time, which is 3-5 minutes early!

  8. "DO NOT be afraid to add humor, smile, and eye contact."

  9. "DO NOT pull up the job description."

  10. "DO NOT pull out your phone."

Something important to note, Jessica states that one should never take out their phone or the company's job description. This action shows that you are not 100% focused and committed to the interviewer, as well as the position. If you absolutely need to bring your phone with you, keep it tucked away on silent! You always want the interviewer to see that you are professional, focused, fully committed, and passionate about being in the moment.

It is clear that Jessica believes the more knowledge you have going into the interview, the better prepared you will be, therefore the more successful you will become. Furthermore, it is best to prepare over the course of a few days, rather than to cram the night before. Don't be afraid to ask around about the company, look up their social media accounts to become familiar with the company's branding, as well as reach out to 1st-degree contacts on LinkedIn who may know a thing or two that could give you a boost. Remember to always be yourself and don't forget to smile!!

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