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Simple Goals to Accomplish Before the New Year

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

To say the very least, 2020 has been a crazy year. At the beginning of

this year, we all had high hopes for what the year would bring. While time

seemed to drag at times, the year has flown by right before our eyes. Yet, it

is not too late to complete any tasks you set out to do! Take a few minutes

of your day to think about these goals and how to complete them before we

ring in the new year!

Plants in a bright living room

1. Social Media Starve!

Quarantine has caused many to spend more time alone, and with that time

most people have turned to social media for distraction. While this is a

natural idea, it isn't healthy to spend most of the day scrolling through other

people’s lives – you need to start living your own. Be aware of the time

spent on these sites and try to lower it.

2. Take a Breath of Fresh Air!

This goal is easy to accomplish, since you don't need any tools or people to

help you complete it. Going for a walk or sitting in the backyard will allow

you connect with the space around you and free some of the feelings of

being trapped inside during quarantine.

3. Make Amends.

What might seem like a hard task at first could end up healing an old

wound. Try to reconnect with an old friend. Set up a Zoom game night or

catch up with loved ones at an outdoor restaurant. The quality time spent

together will be rejuvenating for everyone involved!

4. Flip Through a Fantastic Book!

A great way to kill time is to read that book that has been sitting on your

shelf collecting dust for years. Read a few chapters each night before bed

and you will definitely be done before the new year!

5. Closet Clean Out!

Throw out those mismatched socks that you have been complaining about

for what seems like forever. Donate some clothes that you have not worn

since last year. This process will make you feel lighter, less cluttered and

extremely accomplished.


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