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50K on Poshmark!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

When Jessica Bierman started her Poshmark journey in 2015, straight out of college at the

age of 23, she never thought she would end up turning her side hustle into a full-time, rapidly-growing business. However, Bierman has always had a “love and passion for beauty and fashion,” which is what prompted her to become a small business owner and what has kept her in the industries of beauty, fashion and retail for over ten years.

Woman laying down on a couch

“It’s so crazy to me,” Bierman states. “I never thought I’d make this a goal of mine,” in

reference to nearing the 50K follower mark on Poshmark. Bierman recalls setting smaller goals for herself throughout her Poshmark journey, posting about hitting milestones by the thousands. For example, in November of 2018, the account was just reaching 7K followers. That’s a lot of growth!

When Jessica Bierman first began her Poshmark journey, things looked a lot different than

they do now. Bierman recalls bringing her products outside and placing them onto a white blanket laying gently on the grass, snapping pictures here and there. Now, photos are professionally taken and the entire operation is more nuanced, organized and efficient. She has grown and built a powerful, diverse team of employees who all share the same vision and collaborate to work toward the same collective goal. Bierman is pleasantly surprised about how branded and organized her business has become, yet she has her own hard work and vision to attest to such an outcome.

This rapid growth on Poshmark inspired Bierman to think bigger and better. So what is the

future of JBIER? After months of detail-oriented and strategic development, JBIER's website is nearing launch! The website will have features not limited to a shop page, one that is expansive and helps shoppers understand and stay up-to-date with trends and insider knowledge about the industry. The website will also feature curated and styled collections based on trends and themes to help shoppers navigate and choose which pieces best fit their personal style. Bierman also mentions a goal of hers is to launch pop-up shops in New York and Los Angeles in order to give shoppers an exciting, in-person experience.

Jessica Bierman always knew she would one day own her own business, but since she loved

so many things, she did not quite know what it would be. “I wanted to create a business that

incorporates all the different aspects of beauty, fashion, retail and lifestyle...the things I really care about,” she says. Evidently, Bierman is right on track!

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