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A Productive Day in the Life of Our Founder and CEO

MEET JESS founder and CEO of JBIER Inc

So, what does a productive day look like for Jess? Hear from the founder herself on all she hopes to accomplish in a single day!

My life is amazing, but it's nonstop. Between managing a twenty-four-person team, a rapidly growing startup, and my personal life, structure is so vital in keeping me on track. In my spare time, I am an avid health and wellness enthusiast, photographer, and makeup artist. I love to keep my goals in mind at all times. They serve as great motivation.

6:30 am

I begin my mornings around 6:30-ish. The first thing I do is have a glass of room temperature water with lemon. Consistency is everything. Having a daily routine helps everything fall into place. I don’t drink coffee like most people my age. Instead, I make celery juice. After battling severe stomach issues for years, I was introduced to my favorite book, The Liver Rescue, by the New York Times bestselling author and originator of the Global Celery Juice Movement, Anthony Williams, also known as @medicalmedium. Every morning I juice about 30 - 40 ounces fresh, and I swear by it! My celery juice routine, inspired by Anthony Williams, has allowed me to adapt to a new lifestyle that I am so proud of.

Of course, no morning routine would be complete without makeup and skincare! I start with my Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum. Then, I mix a few drops of my Drunk Elephant Anti-pollution Sunshine Drops with my amazing Glow Elixir by Becca and Rodan + Fields Sensitive Skin Treatment. Applying them together gives me a bronzed, pearlized, and luminous glow that I'm obsessed with. After skincare, I like to put on a little bit of makeup, still aiming for that natural look. My Rodan + Fields Perfecting Liquid acts as a hybrid makeup-skincare product, delivering a silky smooth, effortless, and bronzed look. A staple of mine since I started wearing makeup years and years ago is the Dior Maximizer Lash Primer. Paired with Mac Cosmetics Up For Everything Mascara, my lashes look unstoppable. Once my face is complete, I move onto hair. I can’t live without my Calista Tools Straightener and Wella Oil.

8:00 am

At 8 am, I call my assistant, Karson, to review the schedule and priorities for the day. I simultaneously finish getting ready because I don’t know what to wear. However, running a business remotely requires mastering style on Zoom. When it’s nice out and the UV is high, y0u'll know where to find me... and what to find me wearing. I'm most likely lounging on the porch, working on my tan, and, of course, crushing it with my team.

Given the JBIER culture and remote environment, styling has been made rather easy. I’ll throw on a professional, chic JBIER Girl Boss Blouse and my favorite sweatpants for the perfect WFH fit. When I still want to stay comfy and chic, but not in the mood to wear sweatpants, I'll throw on a pair of athletic leggings and a cute button-down sweater with a dainty necklace to look and feel my best.

Style our Rafaella Cream Blouse with our Lory Earrings, Michael Kors Gold Wristwatch, and Wildfox Sweatpants to look like the ultimate work from home #JBIERGirlBoss. If you're looking for a more casual work-from-home Friday fit, style our Banana Republic Button-Down Sweater with our Victoria Secret Sport Athletic Yoga Leggings and Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace.

Shop the WFH look:

9:00 am

Once the clock strikes nine, meetings officially begin, and so, we call Corinne. Early in the workday, before everything gets crazy, is the perfect time to catch up on pulling, assembling, packaging, and sending out Poshmark resale orders. Even though it takes a bit of extra time, I love to include gifts with purchase and individualized thank you notes for a personalized touch.

Throughout the day, my Zoom breakout rooms are full. My team works on a wide array of tasks from sourcing products for collections and creating content for social media to updating the JBIER boutique website and optimizing the upcoming week’s team calendar.

12:00 pm

For a quick lunch break, I love to whip up a homemade acai bowl! You only need a few things; açai packets to start; then pitaya aka dragonfruit cubes, frozen fruits, including mangos, strawberries, pineapple, and wild blueberries, half a banana for consistency, protein powder, orange juice, and almond milk, with granola, honey, and fresh fruits on top... so casual, I know.

1:00 pm

Every Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST, you will find me hosting team meetings and breakout rooms for my 24 person team. With the help of my Team Leads, we start with analytics and engagement, then discuss progress on priority projects such as blogs, email marketing, Friday's new arrivals, social media platforms, Poshmark, collections, web designs, and services.

This week, we are prioritizing working on the career section of our website. With six years of experience and certifications in career management and mentorship, I have become an expert in resume building, LinkedIn optimization, networking for business, self-branding, and more. This fall, JBIER will be exploring career service opportunities that will be disruptive. I am beyond excited to introduce this incredible resource to people all across the country. Not only am I extremely passionate about supporting my team's personal and professional growth, but I also do everything I can to set them up for a career in their desired field post-graduation. I am so invested in the recruitment process and always look forward to meeting and welcoming more team members into our JBIER family.

In fact, this past Tuesday, August 10th, I posted four new remote internship opportunities and received our first 100 applicants on LinkedIn in only 9 hours! I'm still in awe!!! I absolutely love the recruitment process as I am able to meet so many inspiring, qualified, and dedicated individuals who make the JBIER culture an enthusiastic and well-rounded bunch... who knows, you could be next!

After team meetings, I oftentimes partake in one of my favorite hobbies that I've been doing since 2006, photography! Product and lifestyle photography happens to be a necessary part of running my business. Nearly every resale product's photograph that appears on both the JBIER Boutique website and JBIER Poshmark has been taken by myself or in-house photographers. When I'm not taking product pictures in my backyard, I plan, organize, and host about four photoshoots a year. During these photoshoots, I take (and partake in) hundreds of pictures of my perfectly curated resale items on members of my team, family, and friends. Photography plays a major role in my business, and this is just one of many tasks that I thoroughly and whole-heartedly enjoy.

5:00 pm

When the "9-5 typical workday" ends, I begin conducting interviews. We are currently looking for new interns to join our growing team. We offer the opportunity to build your skillset and become an expert in areas such as web design, fashion merchandising, product management, project management, social media, marketing, web design and development, photography, etc. Curating roles based on an individual's skillset, interests, and experience, allows me to build the most diverse and well-rounded team. As a whole, we share the same visions, dreams, and understanding of brand identity, allowing my business to grow and thrive forward. I guess you could say the JBIER team works like a puzzle. Each individual is like a puzzle piece assigned to specific roles and tasks, and if we're missing even one person, we're not complete.

7:00 pm

Once the interviews are over, it's finally time for Wine Wednesday's with Jess, and, of course, with a glass of Whispering Angel Rosè in hand. It's time to change into my favorite cozy set and eat a healthy dinner; usually chicken or fish with rice or veggies, or just sushi every night I’ll watch an episode... or two... or three of Sex and the City with my Toy Yorkie, Bella Bierman. Then, finally, I check my emails one last time, to make sure there are no more fires to put out before I log off for the day.


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Kathryn Ellsworth
Kathryn Ellsworth
Nov 10, 2021

Girl boss!!! 👏👏👏


Nov 03, 2021

Such a hardworker you manage to do so much in a day !!


PeiLing Cai
PeiLing Cai
Sep 08, 2021

wooo go jess!!


Matt Ferreira
Matt Ferreira
Sep 08, 2021

Such an amazing woman!! Such an inspiration


Love this!! Such a boss babe

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